Fling Cocktails - Espresso Martini - 250ml

Fling Cocktails - Espresso Martini - 250ml

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Fling Espresso Martini. Filled with real ingredients this Espresso Martini has all the flavour and authenticity of a bar shaken cocktail! Our cans are infused with Nitrogen making them perfect every pour! Simply shake, crack and pour! It couldn't be easier. Our ready-to-pour cocktails will wow even the toughest of critics. If you add it to a shaker, no one would know you didn't make it yourself!


This convenient ready-to-pour Espresso Martini is rich, indulgent and creamy making it the perfect evening drink, or maybe swap your weekend morning coffee for a little treat!

Real Cocktails. Real Ingredients. 

Volume | 250ml

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